Our process is a no haggle process, so there is no mystery or uncertainty that you are getting the right price for you precious metals and gold. It's easy we value your gold items based on the karat and weight of the piece. We simply determine the karat of the gold by locating a stamp that will say 10k, 14k, 18k. We then weigh the gold and calculate how much it is worth at the current market. We make sure our clients understand exactly what's happening and what we use to determine the value of each piece of jewelry.

You will be involved from start to finish. Everything that we do is done in front of our customers.  Some of our clients prefer to keep their stones and simply sell the metal in the jewelry itself. Depending on the piece we will remove the stones that day. All transactions are Quick, Easy, and Private.


just 3 steps

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday 10a - 5:00p - Saturday 10a - 5:00p
Sunday - Closed

You Must Be Over 18 to sell your precious metals
A Valid ID is required upon selling your items
and must be presented in order to get paid